A central source for educational resources for planning domains.


This site is dedicated to the collection of resources of both learning and teaching automated planning and modeling techniques. Contributions are strongly encouraged, and can be done so by reaching out to one of the initiative chairs or submitting pull requests to this site directly [here].

Initiative Chairs

Course Materials

Compiled and source course materials (please contact me for access to source materials).

Lecture Slides

UniBasel AI Group Misc AI and Planning Courses Lecture Slides
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (FAI) Group Misc AI and Planning Courses Lecture Slides Planning Source
AI Source

Example Assignments

Artificial Intelligence (CS) at PUCRS Felipe Meneguzzi, Mauricio Magnaguagno, Leonardo Rosa Amado Planning using Heuristic Search assignment focused on implementing the core functions of an automated planner. Source Code
Pacman Capture the Flag in AI Courses Nir Lipovetzky, Sebastian Sardina Competition using the Berkley AI Pacman framework. Students use search algoithms, PDDL, classical replanning, minimax, etc. for their agents. Competition
ICAPS 2020 Summer School Plan Synthesis Michael Cashmore This training lab is an introduction to modelling planning problems using the Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL). Lab Details
UniMelb PDDL Assignments Nir Lipovetzky Example PDDL modelling assignments targetted to undergraduate AI courses. Public Repo

Online Resources

Online resources for learning/teaching planning and modeling.

Video Lectures

  • Intro to AI Planning and Modeling (Amanda Coles, Andrew Coles): Part 1 / Part 2
  • Tutorial on Temporal Planning (Andrew Coles): Video
  • Tutorial on Online/Offline PDDL Editors (Jan Dolejsi): Video
  • Series of Tutorials on Tooling for PDDL via VSCode plugin (Jan Dolejsi): Video



  • The Planning Wiki (Adam Green): Site

Project Ideas

Course work, honours project ideas, and general task ideas will be listed here soon.